🚨ChooChoo tutorial [deprecated soon]

Congratulations on starting to build your first bot! 👏 In this tutorial, we will take you by the hand to build a basic yet efficient train booking chatbot assistant named ChooChoo.

Please note that this tutorial is getting old and that it will be soon replaced by a series of new tutorials.

Before the actual bot building, planning your bot is key. Make sure you define your bot's use cases and personality beforehand, so the conversation design process is easier.

page1. Creating a new bot

The steps to build a chatbot from scratch on the Chatlayer platform.

page2. Understanding your users

How to teach your bot to understand its users by adding intents and expressions powered by our Natural Language Processing engine.

page3. Detecting information in expressions

Use entities to recognize classes of objects within what the user is saying.

page4. Collect user input

Store valuable pieces of information given by the user to manipulate them later in the conversation.

page5. Flow navigation with variables

Steer the conversation in different ways depending on the information received.

page6. Test your bot

Test your new developments directly as you implement them.

Let's get started! 🏁

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