🚨 Workplace from Facebook [deprecated]

Support for the Chatlayer integration with Facebook Workplace is coming to an end. If you plan on creating a new bot on this channel, please reach out to us.

More and more companies are using Facebook Workplace to connect all members of their organisation. Your bot can be activated on Workplace too in just a few steps.

Configuring your bot for Workplace is only possible in our production environment.

Here's how to configure your bot for Workplace:

  • Open your bot

  • Go to the Channels tab

  • Click "+" next to the Workplace line in the Channels table

  • Click "Connect Facebook Workplace"

  • Log into Workplace

  • Add Chatlayer to Workplace, configure the name and permissions as you desire

It's only possible to install the Chatlayer.ai Workplace integration if you're a Workplace Admin.

  • After a couple of seconds, Facebook Workplace will be successfully set up for your bot

Talking to your Workplace bot

Your users can find the bot under Home > See more > Integrations > {bot's name}

Clicking the "Message" button will allow the user to start a conversation

Using email addresses

The Chatlayer.ai Workplace app has access to a Workplace user's email address. When you've connected your bot to the Workplace channel, you can use the variable {email} in your flows, which will be filled with the user's e-mail address. Read more about using variables on our platform here.


If you want to disconnect your bot from Workplace, go to the Admin Panel, click on your bot integration, and click on Uninstall.

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