🆕Generate expressions (LLM powered)

Welcome to the new and easiest way to generate expressions for your bot!

LLM: Large Language Model,

Go to your bot’s Intents page, click upon an intent and you will see the button 'Generate' on the left side of the 'Add expression' button:

If you don’t have any expressions for that intent yet, the name and description of the intent will be used as the prompt to generate the expressions:

When you already have a set of expressions, those will be used to feed the request from the LLM and the expressions will be more tailored to what you need.

After clicking on Generate, you will see a pop-up with a handful of options and you can select all or some to add to your intent . The expressions can also be edited before you click on ‘Add selected’.

After clicking ‘Add selected’, those expressions will be added to that intent.

Generate expressions also works with entities:

It can detect the existing entities within the expressions, and you can also add or substitute parts of the generated expressions to include the entities.

If you select some of the expressions to be added to the prompt of the LLM model, then click 'Generate'; the generated expressions will be similar to the ones you selected.

Happy bot building!

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