Last updated 20 days ago

You can use the emulator to simulate a conversation between the user and the bot. In this conversation, you act as the user. Click on the chat icon button in the border right corner and select the preferred language to open the Emulator. Click on the Open debug button to activate the debug screen.

Go through the tutorials to see the emulator in action.


Under the messages tab, you can find all the messages that you have sent. By clicking on a message, you can find its details in the Message Info tab.

Message Info

You can use the Message Info tab to debug the logic of your bot. In here, you can find the complete internal state of the bot at each step.


Active user contexts when this message was parsed.

Bot dialog

This is the bot dialog that the user was last in when typing this message

NLP Results

An overview of all NLP results for this message. If you do not see an NLP result, this means the expression was an 'exact match' and was not sent to the NLP server. Under Intents you can find all intents ranked by descending estimated probability of a match.

If entities were recognized, they will be shown here as well.

Message data

In structured form what the bot decided to answer based on its configuration.

User session

Under user session, you can see all active user session variables. Session variables include predefined variables, recognised entities, key-value combinations set in buttons and key-value combinations defined in plugins such as the conditional navigation plugin and others.