Publishing your bot

Chatlayer provides two environments, staging and production, to support working in parallel on a new version of your chatbot without interfering your production version which is talking to your real users. You have access to both environments.

  • Staging

  • Production

  • We recommend to not change data and configuration (flows, NLP, settings) directly in your production environment

Once your bot is ready and has been tested in the staging environment, it's time to publish your bot to the production environment.

If you have a bot that you want to run on Facebook Messenger, we advise to set-up a separate staging Facebook page and app for your staging version of the bot.

Each day your production user messages are added in the staging environment so that you can train your NLP models every day based on actual user data.

To publish your bot, go to the "Versioning" module.

Enter a description for the new version of your bot, and publish it by clicking the button. This will publish both your latest NLP model and all your flows. Previous versions are saved, so you are able to roll back to a previous version by clicking the revert button in the versions table.